Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Jet planes these are my favorite planesImage result for qantas a380Image result for jets airplanes

There are different types of jet planes these aren't the only one’s, the third planes are fighter planes and they are made to shoot down other fighter planes with their missiles and guns in war. The other two are airliners with engines on their wings or close to the tail, these one’s are made to take passengers.

Plane motors

There are two plane motors, jet motors and propellor motors. Propeller motors work the same as boat propellers except there to cut the wind instead of water. A jet motor is different because it has wind coming in and inside it has turbines, combustors and lots of other complicated stuff. They cost way more than 10 million dollars, well it depends how big it is.Image result for propeller planesImage result for jet engine

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  1. nice plane facts Sax, your cousin would like to read this too I'm sure xx I want to go on a plane now!!

    xx mum


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