Thursday, October 20, 2016

my paintball party

In Kauri class we have doing recounts and I am going to show you my’n, I hope you enjoy.
For my birthday I went to mcleans island with some friends to have a paintball party. Before we all got there Blake Ramsey came to my house because my dad and I were dropping him off with us, so then we set off to go to mcleans island.

When we got there all my cousins and friends were there to give me my presents and I was really happy and excited to open my presents and obviously start the paintball party. I was quite scared and nervous because I could get shot and get a really bad bruise. When the round finished Hunter Collings shot me in the leg because we won.

After the first round uncle Dave asked if he wanted to be shot so I shot him in the butt. Then we had some lunch and cake and uncle Dave showed us his butt and it was drawing blood. We all laughed when we saw his butt, He was in lots of pain.

Then we started the next round on a different field, it was a better field because it was more of an action round because it had more towers and buildings. The other one had more forest and their were more hiding places, I got shot more in the second round.
In the end I thought it was my best party because it was so painful and fun. I was quite angry that the game was over and I was ready to get home so I could relax.


  1. I am impressed with how you have described both the action and some of your feelings as well. There was certainly a lot of shooting so I can see how you would enjoy relaxing afterwards. Did you have a good aim?

    I look forward to your next blog post.

  2. Hi Liam here from Awahono School. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. You did a great job of retelling your paintball party. Next time you do a recount maybe you could give the title capitals. If you want click on my name and check out my blog.


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