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Racing Boats these are my favorite boats .Image result for formula 1 powerboatImage result for offshore powerboatsImage result for unlimited hydroplanesRacing boats are designed to skim across the top of the water at very high speeds . These are the different types of racing boats, the first one is a formula 1 racing boat and they are small, speedy boats with outboard motors, 250 horsepower. The second one is a offshore racing boat, they are the biggest and are designed to race out in the rough waters, around 2000 horsepower. The third one is a unlimited hydroplane, these one’s are the fastest one’s that only daredevils will drive, around 1500 horsepower.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Types of motors: Outboard motors, designed to drive in salty rough water or they can be used for going really fast , stern leg motors are designed for launchers and big offshore racing boats,  and jet motors are made for shallow waters and for big navy ships.

Image result for outboard motorsthis is a outboard motor              

This is two stern leg motorsImage result for offshore boat engines

Image result for hamilton jetthis is a jet motor

How motors work. All motors on water have the same principal, outboard motors have a spinning propellers that has a shape that  pushes water out the back really fast. A stern leg motor is the same except the motor is inside the boat. A jet motor has water coming in underneath the boat and there’s a pipe that the water comes up then halfway through there’s a propeller that spins and the water comes out the back really fast.

  Fast FactsImage result for racing boat gifs
This is what happens when a boat goes to fast and the wind goes underneath the boat and it takes off into the air. Normally they don’t land, like this one. Normally its racing boats that crash like this

Different boats
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  1. You are truly awesome Sax, do your teachers know you want to be a race boat driver when you grow up? What sort of motor did our boat in Australia have..? Maybe you could post a pic of that boat..?? 'Four Winns Horizon'

    love mum xx


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