Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Libary rules

yesterday we had to make some library rules and Liam Hunter c and I made a document about it and here it is. Don't cut into the line and Don’t run in the library, just read a book. Don't eat and drink in the library.  Do not yell in the library, do not throw or rip the books. Do not hurt people in the library. Do not swear punch and kick in the library. Do not pull the finger at people. Do not be mean to people about their reading. Do not read a book out loud. Do not stand on books.

Talk quietly  if not, be silent, also be silent if the teacher is talking. Always get a good book that you want to read. If you get a book that looks really good on the the cover but it isn't good in the inside (never judge a book by it’s cover) you can always get another one. Read your book in silence or a whisper. Walk to the library don't run there, then sit on the mat and listen to the teacher. After that grab a book and read it.
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  1. Well thought out Sax..... those libraries look very tidy maybe we could try that at home!! Xxx


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