Monday, July 24, 2017

School Holidays

On the holidays I went to mt Hutt with my cousins and I went snowboarding, they went skiing. we went up the chairlift and we came down the intermediate runs. After that I went to the movies to watch spider man homecoming, It was a really cool movie. Then Rhys came over to my house for a play date and we went to Flip out and we saw Hunter Collings. After that I went to Tekapo for a holiday with my dad, my brother Levi and I. When we got there my cousins were there such as Jack, Bella and Ruby. In the morning it was raining so we just played board games. The next day it was pouring down with snow and everything was covered in snow we got the toboggans out and we went up a hill to use them. The next day we went to go ice skating but I didn't really like it so we went tubing. The next day it was snowing again so we used the toboggans a bit more then we started driving back home.


  1. Hi Saxon,

    you did a good blog post but how do you check your work because you added two (and) in the same sentence. I would of liked that you added more detail in each event.

    Kind regards Ian.

  2. sounds like you had a blast in Tekapo Sax xx


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