Friday, March 24, 2017

My camp

On my camp I went to wreck which is a place in living springs where there is football pitch, a basketball court,
mini golf and a monorail. then went into the swimming pool and on the water slide. then we had butter chicken for dinner icecream for desert. the next day we did rifle, shooting and archery. then we did some bouldering. after that we were tired so we had a swim and then dinner. the next day we played the animal game and left to to go to the animal park then we went on the bus to go back to school. Over all my camp was average.

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  1. Nice one Sax, geez you must have been tired after all that. What's happened to rules around capital letters at the start of sentences.... :P

    Pleased you are experiencing the life of a kiwi kid and the great NZ outdoors.

    xx mum


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