Friday, March 10, 2017

LO: To start my sentences using iSPACE.
... Super squirrel | by ...Flying through the air, super squirrel was going to save the day. Unfortunately his super powers stopped working and he started falling out of the sky but he still had to fly one million miles. That is impossible to walk so he had to find a way to get his super powers back and I don’t think he will get them back because he was out in the middle of the desert. Luckily he a plane went past and he jumped really high and grabbed the plane and he got towed to the city and then he let go and he fell straight onto a building and it was a hospital so he went into one of the rooms and got a doctor to look at him. Thankfully the doctor had super strength, super speed and flight medicine then super squirrel took all three of them and he smashed the window flew straight out to go save the day.
How many times have I used ...
i - ing word starters
S - simile starters

P - preposition starters

A - adverb openers

C - Connectives starters
E - ed word starters

Super Squirrel to the rescue!

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  1. Hi my name is Christian and I go to Owairaka primary school I like how you said that flying through the air.Super squirrel was going to save the day and I really like your story also I like how you said Unfortunately his Super power stopped. Working and he started to fall out of the sky also I like the photo you put up with the squirrel showing his super squirrel Costume

    Blog ya later

    Here vist my blog


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