Thursday, June 16, 2016

Safety First

Safety first
Hello and welcome to S.E.I News and today we are talking about a man that had an attempt to
climb a very tall building here's Eze telling us what happened. Thank You for that Saxon, the man climbed up to the big clock and the clock broke and his friend gave him a rope but the cop chased his friend and nothing was holding him, he hold the rope and fell but at the last second his friend outran the cop and grabbed the rope. He climbed up the roof and got up the top of the building but when he got up he got smashed by a wind measure and he on the side of the roof and was going to fall but a rope got hang of his foot. He sung like spider and sung back to where he was at first and his wife got hold of him.
.He did not have any safety stuff with, him and since  there were no laws about safety in those days he just did It without caring If that was me It would be very scared.
Here is the link if you want to watch it Safety Last.     


  1. A very interesting recount about a very scary event. I'm sure you meant that he 'swung like a spider' which is a great simile. Can you think of any modern movies where an actor carries out such incredible stunts? I look forward to your next blog post.

  2. Hi Saxon,
    I really like your safety last story and how you got Eze to say some things. And I think you should make it smaller so people like me who don't enjoy reading that much can read it and being able to enjoy it more. Bye - from Mikael:)


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