Monday, August 21, 2017

My speech

For my speech this term I am doing it about why snowboarding is better skiing, this is my opinion.


Hi My name is Saxon and I’m going to tell you why I think snowboarding is better than skiing. I like snowboarding because you can do way more tricks and you have less to worry about. With skiing you’ve got two poles and two skis. but with snowboarding you've got one board and that is not much at all.

I think you could hurt yourself more on skis Because there apart. And you could twist your legs and that would really hurt. With snowboards it's easier to do jumps And I think everyone would like doing jumps. I think skiing is more complicated because you've got so much things to do like pizza and I don't even know what that is.So that is why I don't ski.
I think the boots in snowboarding are more comfortable than ski boots because You get to Have leather Boots and it's way more comfortable than plastic ski boots. I like snowboarding better than skiing because you don't have to hold poles when you're going down the mountain and that is annoying.

People say that it's easy to ski but I think it's easier to snowboard. And it's way easier to do jumps on a snowboard then ski's. You can get way more airborne as well. People think that you can go faster on skis than snowboards but I think you can go faster and snowboards. You can even control your speed but you have to be experienced. But it is real easy to turn and use your brakes.

I don't like skiing because When you're going down the mountain the skis can fall off your feet sometimes. It would be annoying having to going back up the mountain to get them. Same thing with ski poles, if you dropped them would have to go back up to get them.

So that is why I think snowboarding is better than skiing, hopefully you change from what you've heard. Thank you for listening to this speech.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your ideas about snowboarding. You are certainly right about the comfort of snowboarding boots.

    I fear that you have missed one really important element. I am a skier and I just know in my heart that skiers are cooler than snowboarders. James Bond is a skier and I am a skier as well. That must prove my point. I am sure that you will agree.

    But all joking aside - I enjoyed your speech. Well done.

    1. That is not true, snowboarding is better than skiing. Have you ever been snowboarding?


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