Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Cockroach Robbery

An old georgian woman whose flat was infested with more than 75,000 cockroaches has won free insecticide and a cash prize and a  2 month free trip to fiji  after her problem was judged by president obama of united states   one of the worst in the world. “While I cook, roaches fall from the ceiling fan into my food,” Mary Esposito said when she was interviewed by the world wide news and she decided that she would sell cockroaches after she back from fiji  of course and she made a fortune. And she used that money to purchase a shop to sell more cockroaches. And  the next day she went to the store to sell more and the  cockroaches were gone and so she went to the police and they said Cockroach robberies have been found lately  and we found out that the culprits names the cockroach wizard and he he wants to catch the Cockroaches so that he can invade  the world. So they put up  wanted posters in every nook and cranny of the city.Now go back to your shop and put a closed sign on the door and say ran it in right on it ran out of cockroaches we will stock up tomorrow. Later that night she went to the store and the cockroaches were back and she called The police and they said we caught the cockroach wizard now everyone's safe

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  1. There are some that say that cooking and eating of cockroaches could be the solution to the world's food crisis. I am yet to be convinced. I love the phrase 'every nook and cranny' that you have used. Plus I admire your use of speech marks. I do wonder what a 'cockroach wizard' does.


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