Thursday, May 4, 2017


LO To demonstrate my understanding of Space in a short story.

Write a short story below using the picture as inspiration. You need to use a range of iSpace sentences in your story. This is your chance to SHOW OFF what you can do.
Remember your story must have a beginning, middle & an end and punctuation.

Once upon a time there was a man that loved chickens his name was Jimmy . One day he went for a walk and saw a wishing well, then he throw some money in it and wished for 100 giant chickens. A few days later the wish came true and 100 giant chickens came running at him and he started having big hugs. He also rid the chickens but when he got bored the joker and his gang came running at him. Luckily batman was there and throw his batarangs at all of them, then they got really angry and killed batman with there guns. The chickens were angry and they charged at the gang with Jimmy on one of the chickens. The chickens smashed the all of the villains and then the police came and arrested the joker and his gang. Then one of the chickens came to pick up batman and put him in his tome. They had a funeral for batman and lots and lots of people came. Then the mayor of the the city said that Jimmy and his chickens were allowed to keep the batcave and do you know what they called it, THE GIANT CHICKEN CAVE.

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  1. Funny Sax.... did you write this story after watching the Batman Lego movie by chance..??

    love mum


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