Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My trip to mt hutt with my school

On Friday my school and I went to Mt Hutt to go skiing but I went snowboarding. I had lots of fun with my friends up on the mountain. I wanted to go up the summit six which is the big chair lift but my friends just wanted to go up the quad which is the small chair lift. When we had our lessons I got to have a one on one lesson because I was the only snowboarder. The instructor I had when I wasn't with the school was the instructor that I had when I was with the school so that was a surprise. after my lesson I went up the summit six with my teachers and it was quite foggy. Then after all of the fun we had we came back from the mountain and went home.


  1. I really enjoyed being up the mountain on Friday. It was great to see how much you enjoy riding on your snowboard. What is your favourite field to ride on? I hope you enjoy the rest of the season.

    1. Hi Mr Robertson I really enjoyed the trip to Mt Hutt on friday aswell. My faviroute field to ride on would be the porters skifield because of all of the jumps.


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