Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bloody mary

One day my mum was baking a cake but she forgot the milk so she asked me go get it but I had to be back by five. So while I was walking down to the dairy I thought I should play in the playground. Then I looked at my watch and it was nearly five so I got out of the slide and I started walking back to the dairy but I heard a whisper but no one was there so I kept walking. After that I heard a noise going “click, click slide ”2x. So when I got to the dairy I got the milk and started running but I still heard the noise so when I got home I tried getting inside but my mum wouldn't let me because it was past five and I had to sleep outside. In the morning my mum got out of bed and looked out the window but I was hanging up on a tree dead and I had deep cuts all over my body.

The next day my mum was investigating why I died and she called my dad who worked in the army to come home, so he did and my mum jumped in her car but it wouldn't start so she opened the bonnet and all the wires were cut so she got her bike instead by the spokes were cut. Luckily she had a spare bike so she hopped on it and peddled away down a bike track but she heard “click, click slide ”2x. So she peddled even faster but bloody mary caught her and killed her so then my dad was all alone so he called the police but there was no response because the power lines were down and all the electricity. So he got his army gun and started running down the road but he couldn't see any movement, then he heard the noise go “click, click slide ”2x so he loaded his gun, turned around and shot bloody mary but it didn't do anything because she already in such a bad condition with no legs and deep cuts all over her body. So she killed my dad as well.

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