Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Saxons journey


  1. You really do have some good detail in your writing, Saxon. You are also using speech and some interesting punctuation. there is a nice build-up on why there are so many monsters. I also know that you worked hard to improve and develop your first version of the story.

  2. How wonderful to introduce a meditating monster. I have never heard of a meditating monster before. I would love to know why you had to kill the 'things' on Page 11. I enjoyed going on a journey through your story and I look forward to your next blog post.

  3. This is so cool Sax, I laughed out loud on the first page! It's awesome. I love your imaginative interpretation of the illustrations! Meditating monster...? Have you caught dad doing this by chance..?? x Mum


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